An in-house facility is available for testing your liquids. This service is provided to help determine the quality of the end product, the appropriate size filter press, and filter media requirements.
                                          Star Filters
      A leading manufacturer of plate and frame filter presses

Star Filters, was founded in 1904 as Star Liquid Machinery of the Bronx, New York. In 1978, the company was moved to a 21,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Timmonsville, South Carolina and became known as Star Systems.

The Hilliard Corporation of Elmira, New York, founded in 1905, purchased Star Systems in 1986, updated and simplified the Star name to Star Filters, and has now incorporated the Star products into the Elmira manufacturing facility.

Star Filters products are designed, manufactured and sold according to our customers' applications. As a result, we have a large portfolio of custom-engineered products that can be modified to meet new applications. At Hilliard we welcome the challenge of product development.
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Star Filters' unique blend of assembly line and custom fabrication allows us to design and build the Star Filter Press exactly suited to the customer's specific needs, at a cost much lower than one would expect to pay for custom fabrication.


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